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Why utilize our "One-Stop" program?

Santi Construction & Design has created a program to help plan a budget for your project with us.

The "One-Stop" Design Program will furnish the details prior to construction, therefore eliminating the need for costly changes during the project.

The program has five structured steps to follow:

First Step

✥ Initial Client Meeting (1 1/2 hours)

◆ Review ideas

◆ Sketch rough layout

◆ Establish an approximate cost of construction by using our three step pricing

Second Step

✥ Preliminary Design

◆ One Hour Home Consultation

● Discuss your construction project

● Discuss materials (i.e., windows, doors, cabinetry & fixtures)

● Discuss design concepts

● Discuss planning and the step by step process from start to finish on your project

Third Step

✥ Design Process

◆ One Hour Design Consultation

● Provide you with a preliminary design

Fourth Step

✥ Final Design Process

◆ Provide Three Sets of Architectural Plans with Registered

● Includes size and dimensions of project

● Drawing to include; Floor Plan(s), Elevation Plan(s) and Detail Plan(s)

● Details include: foundation, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, drywall, trim roofing and exterior finishes

● Plans are "Permit Ready"

● Plans may be used to secure an accurate bid/estimate

Fifth Step

✥ Approximate Costs

◆ Approximate Cost of Project Based on Information Received
Thus Far

$ ___________

◆ Estimated Amount of Design Service and Final Design Process

$ ___________

Note: The "One-Stop" Design Program fee is included with the cost of the project.

Please visit our Contact Us page to inquire about a project.

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We will contact you to set up a time to meet and discuss your ideas further.

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